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IFIP WG1.3 Foundations of System Specification

Chairman: L. Schröder      Vice Chairman: M. Roggenbach      Past Chairmen: T. Mossakowski, J. Fiadeiro, P. Mosses, H.-J. Kreowski

Talk "From Branching to Linear Time, Coalgebraically"

by Corina Cirstea

Wed, 08 January 2014 at 03:00 pm in Theddingworth near Leicester, UK

Abstract: This talk will consider state-based systems with branching modelled as coalgebras, and show that by suitably adapting the definition of coalgebraic bisimulation one obtains a general and uniform account of the linear-time behaviour of a state in such a system. By moving away from a boolean universe of truth values, our approach can measure the extent to which a state in a system with branching is able to exhibit a particular linear-time behaviour. This instantiates to measuring the probability of a specific behaviour occurring in a probabilistic system, or measuring the minimal cost of exhibiting a specific behaviour in the case of weighted computations. The talk will also outline preliminary work on defining quantitative modal and fixpoint logics for specifying linear-time properties.