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IFIP WG1.3 Foundations of System Specification

Chairman: L. Schröder      Vice Chairman: M. Roggenbach      Past Chairmen: T. Mossakowski, J. Fiadeiro, P. Mosses, H.-J. Kreowski

Talk "Transformation of Rigid Structures"

by Reiko Heckel

Tue, 07 January 2014 at 03:00 pm in Theddingworth near Leicester, UK

Joint work with: Pawel Sobocinski, Vincent Danos

Abstract: Kappa is a stochastic rewriting approach for graphs designed to represent molecular structures. These graphs have a unique property, called rigidity, that allows one to keep track of matches for a rule in the course of refinement, enabling stochastic analysis techniques that are not available in traditional (stochastic) graph transformations. In this talks: 1) we propose a notion of rigidity in an axiomatic setting based on adhesive categories; 2) we show how the rewriting of rigid structures can be defined systematically by requiring matchings to be open maps reflecting structural features which ensure that rigidity is preserved; and 3) we obtain in our setting a notion of refinement which generalises that in Kappa, and allows a rule to be partitioned into a set of stochastically rules which are collectively equivalent to the original. We illustrate our methodology with an example of a social network with dynamic topology.